Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator
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Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator champions startups advancing technology-based solutions that drive social change

The Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator, built in tandem with innovation agency coLab, is inviting leaders in technology, innovation, and social entrepreneurship to help them accomplish one goal: leave the world better than we found it. 

The Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator will use leading-edge technology, like 5G, MEC, Big Data, AI, and XR to drive meaningful social change. This new initiative is part of Citizen Verizon, Verizon’s plan for economic, environmental and social advancement. With this accelerator program, Verizon is building a community of innovators, problem solvers, and partners to help these startups develop and deploy their solutions to those most in need.

The Program

Verizon Forward for Good Accelerator will run 2 cohorts per year, each focused on an area where technology can create opportunities to build a more equitable future. Each cohort will put 5-7 seed stage & series A startups on an accelerated growth trajectory, supported by a host of mentors, community leaders, and partners. 

Startups will gain access to Verizon’s cutting-edge technology, funding to scale, and pitching opportunities among influential figures in the industry. Mentors, speakers, and partners will join the biggest names in technology in a social innovation movement, drawing national attention through media coverage and an original docuseries set to air across major streaming platforms.

The Community

Cohort content will be made available to the broader community across Verizon’s channels, and will later be featured in an original docuseries following the growth of each cohort, the progress of their technologies, and their impact in the world.

Verizon believes technology entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to shape our shared future, and with the help of our rapidly growing community, we have the power to drive social change, and move everyone forward.

Our First Cohort: Climate Justice

Climate change affects everyone differently, especially communities with limited access to technology and infrastructure. We’re all weathering the same storm, but with different resources—our goal is to change that.

We’re looking for startups, industry mentors, and program partners to join us in this work and help drive innovation for climate justice. 

Seed & Series-A startups using technology for climate innovation can visit our cohort page to learn more, apply to get involved, and help us move everyone forward, for good.

We’re also accepting submissions and nominations for cohort mentors, industry speakers, and program partners to join our cohort and help support our startups championing climate justice. Those interested can apply here.